While we do not like to admit it at Track and Wheel, that age is something that affects us at all, we have noticed that quite a few of the Daimler Dingos we look after for clients do not have their belly plates fitted. This is not a problem most of the time, but if taken off road in the summer, grass, grass seed and weeds can quickly be scooped up from beneath to clog the radiator and generally fill the engine bay with combustible debris. When asking why the plates have been left off, their weight and general awkwardness when fitting is normally given as the reason.

Track and Wheel have commissioned several sets of belly plates to be made in lightweight aluminium (not aloominum!) alloy. These sets are gracing some of our clients vehicles, and we are all very satisfied with the results. We have etch primed the alloy before priming and painting in two pack Cromadex paint, and the finish is great and durable. They fit nicely and can be carried each in one hand! A set of lightweight Bonnets is now in production which can be enjoyed by all our clients.

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