Film Work

We have worked on many productions including Titanic Town, Age of Heroes, The Imitation Game as well as TV productions.

Please see below a selection of vehicles available for film work: Almost any vehicle can be sourced upon request.

    T17E1 Staghound (1944)

    An armoured car used by British and Commonwealth forces in WWII.

    QF 17-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

    The 17-pounder was a 76.2 mm (3 inch) gun developed by the United Kingdom during World War II.

    It was the most effective Allied anti-tank gun of the war.

    This example is fully functioning and capable of firing demonstrations.

    Ford T16 Universal Carrier (1944)

    A tracked British Carrier which was used as a general combat hack vehicle for troops, mortars, machine guns, radios and towing anti tank guns. This vehicle would have been seen throughout the British army from 1943 until 1955 and fought throughout the Normandy and European Campaign.

    Fast and noisy, it looks particularly impressive moving at speed across rough country.

    Daimler Dingo

    The Dingo was a small fast and well armoured reconnaissance car used by British and Allied forces throughout the war from the earliest days in 1940 right through until the 1960s. With an open top, radio and good turn of speed cross country or on the road and with a lovely rumbling 6 cylinder Daimler engine it has a good deal of stage presence.

    With a Bren gun mounted on its front it can be used in street scenes or in full blown battle. Don’t be thrown by the “American” Star. In 1944 ALL Allied vehicles were painted with the star to prevent them being attacked by Allied Aircraft. Any stars or markings on our vehicles can be removed or modified to suit your needs.

    Morris C8 (1943)

    This vehicle was modified to tow a 17-pounder anti tank gun and was a common sight either with or without its towed gun from 1943 onwards. The hoops lift off the back to show the crew within. This vehicle was dropped by glider into Arnhem, as well as being used in the front line from North Africa to Western Europe and in the Korean War.

    The vehicle and gun combination makes a strong visual impression.

    Humber 8 CWT (1941)

    Marked as an RAF vehicle this is a four wheel drive vehicle correct for any WWII  film work. The colour scheme is correct for Army, Air force and Navy work during this period.

    The vehicle was used extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Africa during the last War. This vehicle has a very evocative exhaust note.

    Morris CDFW (1940)

    A six wheel truck used by the British Army in the early stages of WWII.

    Morris CDSW (1940)

    A six wheel recovery truck used by the British Army in the early stages of WWII.

    Bedford OY (1942)

    A general service truck widely used by British forces in WWII. Introduced in 1939.

    3.7″ Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun (1943)

    This gun is capable of blank firing demonstrations and can be supplied with a trained crew. It is often paired with an AEC Matador Gun Tractor.

    AEC ‘Matador’ Artillery Tractor (1942)

    The AEC Matador was an artillery tractor built by the Associated Equipment Company for British and Commonwealth forces during the Second World War.

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