Track and Wheel specialise in the restoration and servicing of military vehicles from Modern vehicles for film work to pre-Second World War Vehicles. We have extensive experience with British vehicles and especially white metal engine work. From regular Jeep servicing to a full armour rebuild and difficult problem solving! Formed in 2015, it is owned and run by Tom Cunningham and Tobin Jones. Tobin has been restoring and operating historic military vehicles for over 30 years and have dealt with many vehicles over the time. Tom has been restoring vehicles for 5 years and is a very competent engineer with that extra added “something” of understanding older vehicles, their construction and maintenance. Tobin has won many awards for his vehicles at shows in the U.K. over the years and hopes to continue doing this for both himself and Track and Wheel clients.

– Watch the QF 17-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in Action –


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