Historical Consultancy

Historical military vehicle consultancy

We work with numerous organisations providing historical military and vehicle consultancy, whether it is just checking an author or film researchers output relating to the use and operation of a particular vehicle or carrying out specific research such as active comparisons between the 88mm Flak and the airborne 17 Pdr anti tank gun, we can provide insight and practical experience for producers, presenters, authors or researchers. Practical demonstrations are our speciality. Having rebuilt and used these vehicles and weapons on a day-to-day basis we have a unique viewpoint on their practicalities and effectiveness. If you have unusual questions about the usability or effectiveness of the vehicles and weapons of the second world war and later periods we can almost certainly give the accurate answers to your questions plus of course demonstrate as well!

wartime production consultancy

Accuracy in your wartime production can be the difference between acclaim and ridicule. We advise on the critical detail, training, language, and all other aspects of the production while understanding that you have to make practical concessions to budgets and schedules.