Tank & Aero Engine Work

Tank engine repairs

Our experience working with wartime tank engines has given us the know how and equipment to restore or repair your engines. They can be time consuming, especially if they have spent long periods unused or stored, but providing they are inspected and put into good order before running (and then are cared for properly) they can, and will, provide years of reliable service. We normally recommend a programme of test running and then dynamometer testing to ensure correct running before putting them into your vehicle. It is so much better (and more cost effective) to know your engine is performing properly before it is installed.

historic engine spare parts

We can also advise on using modern fuels, lubricants and coolants with historic engines as well as producing modern servicing and repair schedules for what is normally relatively intermittent use which of course was not what they were originally designed for. We are also experienced and adept and locating spare parts for rare engines and transmission units.