Vehicle service, refurbishment and restoration


We take our engineering work seriously. We are experienced in most wartime armour repair, maintenance, operation, fabrication, refurbishment, rebuild and construction process as well as those for soft skin vehicles. Both British and Axis vehicles have passed through our doors over the years. We are especially fond of early war British armour but anything that is a challenge or “a bit different” is right up our street. Cromwell, Centaur, Daimler armoured cars, Dingo, Humber are all regular visitors and well within our experience. We also deal with United States, Axis and pretty much any military vehicle.


We rebuild and overhaul engines, complete transmissions, manufacture new components, fabricate or cast, as well as offer sensible upgrades such as alloy Dingo belly plates, bonnets and the now famous “Gentleman Veterans Jeep seat relocation”. Those who know, know! We pride ourselves on being able to restore using the original techniques but where a modern part or material upgrade is available we are happy (under instruction) to incorporate these so that they are not obvious to the connoisseur.


We have worked refurbishing a number of the Cromwell family of vehicles ranging from conversion of Centaur Dozers, Charioteer complete conversions, Cromwell, Matilda and other British tanks as well as GMC Staghound, Sherman, Bren, Loyd, T16 carriers as well as Guy, Ford, Morris, AEC, Opel, Willys, Austin to name just a few of the types we have restored.

Reverse Engineering and remanufacture of spare parts and assemblies

Where spare parts are no longer available we specialise in reverse engineering or remaking from scratch new components as required. This generally requires researching, reverse engineering and producing, often using traditional skills but also finding modern solutions to provide the best quality parts at a sensible price.