Vehicle and Artillery Acquisition & Sales


We source and acquire vehicles, firearms (Live or deactivated) and accessories for clients. Weapons are either for their vehicles or for collections. We also manufacture replica equipment for tanks and other uses. Replica 2” smoke bomb launchers are another popular product and have helped many other restorers. We have located and acquired many vehicles for clients all over the world. As well as acquiring we can sell and dispose of vehicles and weapons to other collectors providing they hold the appropriate licenses.

Registered Firearms dealer

We are registered firearms dealers and licensed to work with, restore, use and modify firearms and artillery. We have our own collection of historic firearms ranging from the 2 Pdr Anti tank gun through the 18 pdr MKV field gun to the 17 Pdr AT gun which are available for film work, and which we blank fire for exhibition and research purposes. We deactivate live weapons and can overhaul weapons and their mountings as well as fitting gas firing kits when required. Trouble shooting and replacing of worn or broken parts is a speciality.

blank firing

The blank firing of larger calibre weapons with black and Nitro powders is another area of our expertise. We run workshops and training course for those who need to learn how to carry out these operations safely and correctly. We work closely with other market leaders in these areas to ensure that our syllabus and course contents are up to date and effective.


Many times clients have said to us “you will never manage to find one of those”. We have never failed yet! Challenge us!