Big Bangs for special occasions

We Provide a fitting opening or finale for your special event.

Our experience in blank firing various types of artillery for film and TV led to requests for private displays. This has become the SPECIAL EVENTS SALUTE. If you would like to honour a particular individual, event, occasion or organisation with a loud bang, plenty of flame and smoke we can deliver the service, tailored to your event and venue.


If you have an occasion to be marked, a retirement, opening, launch or a big birthday we attend with an appropriate piece of artillery and at the appropriate moment will fire one or two celebratory rounds before slipping away. This is not an event for the faint hearted but a memorable and we believe, unique way to mark or herald in an occasion. This product is only suitable for larger venues and is subject to H&S assessments and precautions. It is something that you won’t forget!

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