Vehicle Storage

historical vehicle Storage

We store vehicles for existing and new clients for short and long term storage and care. This is something we have been pleased to do and it allows us to offer a service whereby they merely need to advise where and when a vehicle is required for an event and we will deal with the preparation and transport to site and can even offer a qualified driver if required. After the event the vehicle can be returned, washed down and “put back to bed” for the next time. This is not the most common service we offer, in most cases clients just like to know that the vehicle is safely stored and ready for their use when needed. Regular battery charging, running and exercising are the norm but all storage services can be tailored. Whatever your vehicle storage requirements, drop us a line.

flexible service

This service is based on a per Sq. Ft. storage price with extras for regular running, battery charging and the many other things which can be needed. Our service is very flexible for regular maintenance and the many other things that may be needed. Just ask!